GDC works in partnership with leading universities to deliver world-class teaching and learning spaces.

The Newcastle University Business School is a bespoke design which incorporates large lecture theatres, post-graduate facilities, lounges and social areas into a 100,000 sq ft development.

In Leeds, the Broadcasting Place development features 110,000 sq ft of new teaching and office space occupied by Leeds Beckett University.

Broadcasting Place was hailed as ”truly iconic” when it received an award for excellence from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).


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    Gordon Gill, CTBUH Awards Chair

    “Well executed and deftly placed, the Broadcasting Place project positions itself as a strong contrast and yet still feels complementary to its context”

    Rev, Jonathan Edwards, General Secretary, Baptist Union of Great Britain

    “Your amazing development of Blenheim Baptist Church will be its own advertisement.  We may have over 2000 churches but we are quite a close national family and the story of Blenheim will be told and retold”